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Willow River barn-house

Barn Story


The Willow River Barn was originally located at our growing fields off of Highway 63 in Emerald, WI. As you can see from the pictures it was in very rough condition and was getting close to the point of no return. During the winter of 2011, we were thinking of ideas to revamp our nursery area. It was during this time, that we decided that our old rickety barn would be the solution we needed. 


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We started the tear-down process in early spring 2012. It was a long tedious process taking the barn apart board by board and de-nailing each piece. Once the barn was down we hauled it to its current location on our trailers and the back of our trucks.



 The foundation was dug out and poured late spring and ready for the construction process to start.



The "new" construction began mid summer and was dabbled at during any free time we found throughout. The barn was fully erected by July. We hosted the 2012 Minnesota Christmas Tree Association (MCTA) with only half the roof finished. 



By the end of the summer, we finished the rest of the roof and realized that the original siding did not seal off the barn as well as we had hoped. It was at this time that we began to weather proof it as well as we could. This included the addition of the batten strips and the paint. The barn as it stands today was finished just before Thanksgiving 2012 which gave us just enough time to set up for our first Christmas season.